Your Grandmother in Korea

Written by Sarah

June 2012


image source: flickr

  How do you remember your grandmother? Grandmothers in the U.S. are known for their hot chicken soup while grandmothers in Korea are famous for the way they raise their grandchildren. Many grandmothers make their grandchildren go out in the nature and run around. Korean people usually recall their grandmother’s love in the remembrances of playing in mountains and rivers. Because of this, a grandmother, especially one who raised your mother, has special meaning in Korean culture. They let the child go with the nature, make them feel comfortable, and provide everything Korean traditional children love. As society becomes modernized, many people miss their memory of these old angels. There is no need to worry though, since there is a program that can let you experience a grandmother’s love. All are welcome to join!.

  At first, the program was designed to gain interest in rural areas. People were moving to the capital city day by day, so small farming villages were entering difficult economic and demographic situations. The main producer of this camp program developed some common agricultural courses to be enjoyed as leisure. While the rural life is common for its citizens, it is quite interesting and special to the people living in a metropolitan city.

  The programs offers simple activities like harvesting seasonal crops, playing with pure mud in a clean environment, or cooking regional foods in a traditional way. The programs differ in seasons and the village provides special packages on traditional holidays. It offers programs like “Making Korean noodles,” “Traveling in a Korean Canoe,” and “Hunting Trout in a Stream (this is highly recommended as the raw trout is served in slices at the scene of capture). If you are interested, please contact us.