Yonkojeon or Koyonjeon?

Written by Vionna

July 2013

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Held annually in Korea during the Fall season, Yonko-jeon or Koyon-jeon is a sports game and cheering event organized by Korea University and Yonsei University. The naming of this event depends on which school you belong to or which you support. Yonko stands for Yonsei-Korea while Koyon stands for Korea-Yonsei. Therefor, if you are a Yonsei supporter you would name the games as Yonko-jeon and vice versa.

Both universities are well known as two of the most prestigious universities in all of Korea.This event has served as symbolism of friendly rivalry between the two universities. Five different kinds of sport games (rugby, basketball, football, baseball and ice hockey) are held every year. These games are usually held in Jamsil Stadium arena where once started, the whole stadium would be filled with students wearing Royal Blue and Crimson color clothes, the color of Yonsei University and Korea University.  

Thousands of students would come and cheer to show their pride for each respective school. This cheering event can be really exciting yet tiring at the same time because students sing the school anthem for up to 8 hours straight throughout the game. Once all the games are done, they all go drinking around the universities area with their fellow school mates as a wrap up party. Despite the exhausting part of having to cheer for continous hours, Yonko-jeon or Koyon-jeon can totally be one of the most memorable adventures for college students while staying in Korea.