Woman's University: Yes or No?

Written by Van T.

July 2013

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(Ewha Women's University)

There are many woman’s universities in Korea, some of which are always in top of the best higher educational institutions in the country. Many people argue that the universities were established to protect the right of the women at the time when only few women had chance to pursue education. Nowadays it seems that two genders are treated equally, so those universities are not needed today. Besides, being in an all-female environment may affect your friends circle and social network in some complicated way.

However, there are still a lot of female students enrolling in women’s universities since they have chances to take courses designed particularly for women as well as normal academic programs, and have better opportunities to attain leadership positions and other tasks that are often taken by men students in co-ed universities. Woman’s universities in Korea often put strong emphasis on maintaining studious and peaceful environment to their students and creating a strong bond between upperclassmen and underclassmen. Hence, attending a woman’s university is an option that a female student might want to take into consideration.