Village Experience Recruiting Participants (All Booked)

Written by Sam

May 2014

Experience the rural side of Korea by enjoying these village programs with a special event that lets you travel to different traditional spots of Korea for free.

Recruitment deadline: June 5th

Seogyeongdeul Village - 1 day activitiy - June 6th (booked)
Departure: 8:30 / Return: 16:40
For 2 People

Oeam Korean Traditional Village - 1 day activity - June 14th / 15th (booked)
Departure: 8:20 / Return: 17:10
For 2 People

Samjinae Village - 2 day activity - June 13th-14th / 14th -15th (booked)
Departure: 12:50
Return: 17:30
For 2 People

Kyongju Oksan Sesim Village - 2 day activity (booked)
Departure: 13:10
For 2 People


Free Event (Transportation, tours, accomodation, etc. are provided free of charge.)

How to participate
Please apply through our contact form
(Indicate your name, sex, age, occupation, email address, phone number)

We will contact you directly if you are selected.

Seogyeongdeul Village

Icheon, in Gyeonggi-do, is famous for producing the best rice in Korea. In fact Icheon rice is so good that it used to be served to the kings of Korea in the past, and is still highly thought of today.

Furthermore, in 2007 it was established the Slow Food Experience project, as a center to experience slow food first hand and also a variety of other programs and events.

Experience programs: Pottery experience; capture loaches; picking corn or potatoes; planting; making ttok, rice wine, tofu, meju (fermented soybeans); rice harvesting   .
(The final program will be announced separately later)

Activity length: 1 day (8 hours)
327-7 Seogyeong-ri, Moga-myeon, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do
Contact number: 031-634-1089

Oeam Korean Traditional Village

With a history of about 500 years, Oeam Korean Traditional Village features old traditional houses and stone walls remain. This village also include a variety of traditions that visitors can experience such as the agricultural experience


Experience programs: making candy, Korean paper workshop, napkins studio (making door sign and cell phone bag)

(The final program will be announced separately later)

Activity length: 1 day (8 hours)
84 Oeam-ri, Songak-myeon (42-7 Oeamminsok-gi
Contact number:

Kyongju Oksan Sesim Village

The amazing Kyongju Sesim, a center to learn about Korean cultural heritage and enjoy the beautiful landscape.  

It offers generous and ample accommodation. Enjoy the calm village with Oriental painting landscapes in a beautiful location. (English Commentator, brochures, etc. are not available in English.Signboard available in English.)

Experience programs: Playing Tuho, making ttok, wearing hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and learining the manners, Learning about history, learning to make pottery and other traditional experiences. 

*(The final program will be announced separately later)

Activity length: 2 days, 1 night (free accommodation included)
 20-9 Oksan1-ri, Angang-eup, Kyeongju-si, Kyungbook
Contact number: 010-2082-6148

Samjinae Village

Samjinae Village is the very first Slow City designed in Asia, preserving the traditional landscape, with beautiful uphill walkways. Slow City claims that life is about experiencing and enjoying things to eat and unique culture in each area as well as appreciating nature

Experience program: Korean traditional house experience, preparing slow food,

Hanok experience, making slow food (candy, Korean food, homemade rice wine, etc.), slow art (candle, mini album, traditional games, etc.)

Activity length: 2 days, 1 night (free accommodation included) 
: 56-24 Doldam-gil, Changpyeong-myeon, Damyang, Jeollanam-do
Contact number: 061-383-3807