The Convenience Store

Written by Joanne

April 2013

Source: Yogarally

If you want a truly authentic experience into the life of a daily Korean or Japanese citizen, then you have to visit Japan and Korea’s many convenience stores.  It is a great source for obtaining unique snacks such as dried squid, tteokbokgi crackers, and onigiri.  In fact, Japan’s convenience store onigiri is revered as gourmet by many and is a highly popular choice of meal and snack for those on a tight budget and on the go.  Korea on the other hand, doesn’t offer as diverse and large a range of onigiri but it is still a very coveted convenient store food item and is often eaten with a hot, steaming bowl of cup noodles.  Among the diverse offerings are sweets and beverages (including alcohol) that are indigenous to the country as well as daily household items and personal care goods like in any other convenience store.  The convenience store is an excellent representation of the modern Korean and Japanese lifestyle and is definitely one place you don’t want to skip on your trip.