Studying Korean - Options outside of Seoul

Written by Charles

December 2014

For those wanting to study the Korean language there is a huge selections of University programs now on offer.

Seoul, the political and cultural heart of South Korea, is often the first choice made by many students, but there are plenty of other options outside of the capital. Those of you who are looking for the chance to really emerse yourself in the Korean language might consider some of the following cities:  


- Jeonju is located in the SW province of Jeolla. The city boasts some of the finest food in the country and attracts thousands of tourists every weekend to the traditional Hanok village. 


- The sixth largest city in South Korea and also located in the SW province of Jeolla. A vibrant market culture still lives on at the centrally located Yangdong Market and the city is within comfortable travelling distance to the islands of Jindo and Wando.


 - Famous in South Korea for the legendary Hyandai beachfront area. Popular with tourists in the summer but as the second largest city in the country there is plenty to do all year round. It boasts one of the world's largest department stores (a branch of Shinsegae) and is connected to Seoul by one of the fastest bullet train services in the world. 


- Just north of Busan on the SW coast ofKorea, this relatively small city has become an industrial and vibrant region.The nearby Yeongnam Alps are a popular tourist retreat for Korean hikers who come to view the mountain scenery other historical landmarks nearby.