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Study Abroad in Korea or Japan

There is learning about other cultures, there is traveling, and then there is studying abroad. Studying abroad in Korea or Japan will immerse you in the culture like nothing else. You will have the opportunity to experience life in East Asia like the locals do, meet friends from around the world, enjoy the nightlife, find your favorite coffee shop to study, and so much more. This will be an experience you will never forget, we guarantee it.

Furthermore, due to development in the past few decades, Korea and Japan both have a number of world-ranked universities that can offer you a truly quality education. 

Why Study With Inspired Steps?

With our background in handling international education admissions, we are perfectly equipped to help you choose the right school for you, guide and advise you on every step of the application process, and provide ready support while you live and study abroad. We know admission to foreign schools is intimidating, and we know life in a foreign country isn't always easy. That's why we are here to help. 


Important to Know
  • Many Japanese and Korean universities are eager to accept foreign students
  • You will need language skills before attending - Click here for information about language study programs
  • A portion of classes will be taught in English
  • Unlike the American system, the Korean university school year is broken down into two major semesters, Spring and Fall, with Summer and Winter sessions in between. 
  • You will need a student visa (See below for details)

Academic Terms
Generally, the Spring semester (1) begins around the 1st week of March to 3rd week of June. Students have the opportunity to take some extra courses during the Summer, and Fall semester (2) begins around the 1st week of September to the 3rd week of December. Afterwards, the winter vacation begins with winter courses opening up from the last week of December to the last week of January.

Visa Information

For those that desire to study abroad in Korea, it is necessary to apply for a Visa before coming here. What you must have is a student visa (D-2), and the following lists of items are things you are required to have to obtain one:

  • A completed visa application form (all filled out)
  • Valid passport of verification
  • Certificate of admission from university
  • Bank statement (or scholarship certificate)
  • Two passport-size photographs taken within the past 6 months (3.5cm X 4.5cm)
  • Visa processing fee (single entry: $30 USD, multiple-entry: $50 USD)
You can apply for a D-2 visa at the Korean consulate or embassy within your country. For those who already have a short-term permission for general purpose visa (C-3), it must be changed to a D-2 within 30 days after one’s arrival.

Getting Started

To begin processing your application, reply with a request for an initial consultation.  After the initial application and payment fee is received, we will provide in-depth consultation through in-office visits, Skype, and email.  Our applicants include local residents of Seoul, as well as those living abroad having no familiarity with East Asia.  Any English speaker with internet access may receive our consultation and services. 

If you have any other questions about the services above, please let us know through the same email.
For a look at the universities in Japan and Korea, please refer below. If there are any other universities you are interested in applying to please get in contact and we will assist you in every way possible.