Sesim Village Experience Review

Written by Michael

June 2014

Sesim Village - 2day activity review


  • Date: June 14th, 2014 - June 15th, 2014
  • Participants: Silvia Zordan (Italia), Cscilia Tregelles (United States)


Sesimmaeul is a wonderful destination for a weekend in a green environment. Moreover the location allows you to discover the regional culture and tradition of one of the three historical dynasties of Korea.

If you like sports, archery *활쏘기 is enjoyable time for everyone to get a little bit of competition and have fun.  Sesimmaeul offers visitors the opportunity to try their hand at this historical sport.

A popular game especially among children is the traditional game Jegichagi*제기 만들어 차기, similar to the western game hackie sack. At Sesimmaeul you have the opportunity to make your own Jegi*제기and then learn how to play with it. Football players will be advantaged.  Still if you do not have that much coordination, through exercise it can get better. After you make your own, you can bring it home to enjoy the activity.

For ladies, there is also a handkerchief dying experience. The personal handkerchief decorated with flowers *나만의 손수건 풀잎 물들이기 can last for up to 6 months after they’ve been naturally dyed.  However, learning the technique allows you to be able to do it again on your own.

The resort also offers a lot of activities for children that are a lot of fun and helps them understand the regional culture and tradition.  One of the experiments allows them to make traditional foods, such as떡메치기. The program gives them the possibility to make and taste something different from what they could experience in other place. It is even a fun activity for the families that want to spend a weekend together; it allows parents and children to learn to work together.

 The village is really old and you can visit even the Confucian temple and the Confucian Academy. The academic achievements and virtue of Yi Eon-jeonk (1491-1553) have been honored here by his pupil Joseon. Following the steps of this teacher, he became a famous doctorate and gave his pupil lectures here. The monument marking his work is quite large and is covered by the writings of his pupils. It can be seen in the ancient palace of Sesimmaul also a really famous old tree, that had been imported from China at least 500 years ago.

The house is a place of incredible beauty. It has recently been restored, so visitors are able to enjoy the vivid colors used during that time period. On the inside you can find some local serving traditional tea and오색송편 rice cakes on the weekends. You can also play traditional games투호  or제기in the courtyard.

To recover from the warm summer, the nearby river is ideal at any age. Along the river you have many places in which you can take a rest with your feet in the water. Many Korean people take with them a chair and just sit in the middle of the river or on the rocks with a backpacking tent. Near a waterfall, it is also possible to go jump into the river.

You can also go and visit the nearby UNESCO village of Yangdong. Tile-roofed and thatched-roof homes have also been preserved for at least 200 years. The book printed on movable metal type called Tonggamsokpyeon, is also located in the village and as well as all the village considered as a national treasure.

The local people are very kind and generous. Their welcoming character makes the beauty of the environment a perfect venue for recovering and taking a breather from everyday routine.