Seogyeongdeul Village Experience Review

Written by Michael

June 2014

Seogyeongdeul Village - 1 day activitiy review


  • Date: June 6th, 2014
  • Participants: Andrea Kantor, Michael Kantor (United States)

Recently, thanks to Inspired Steps, I was able to do the Seogyeongdeul Village Experience program with my husband. It felt less like a tour program and more like going on a trip with family. For one, it was quite small, and we were the only foreigners. However, the hospitality of Mr. Song and the other families was very welcoming. Because of the holiday traffic, our bus ride took longer than expected but the itinerary was flexible enough to accommodate our late arrival.

Upon arrival at Icheon, Mr. Song took us to a small village restaurant in Seogyeongdeul to try it’s famous “cheonggukjang soup”. This soup has a distinctive pungent smell that some have compared to the smell of wet socks. Cheonggukjang is touted for its health benefits such as aiding digestion and containing many vitamins and minerals. The taste is very similar to doengjang stew and made with fermented beans. The cheonggukjang soup and lunch that day was delicious.

Next, we went to a local center to try our hand at making tofu. Although the tour was in Korean, one of the participants volunteered to be our translator and helped us understand the history of tofu-making and the connection with Seogyeongdeul Village. After making tofu, we were able to make cheonggukjang paste and doenjang paste. Later, we were able to take our tofu, cheonggukjang, and doenjang home.

Afterwards, we went to a pond nearby where some of the children were able to get wet and catch anchovies with little fishing nets. Sometime later, the main farmer of the village invited us to have some cold drinks and he let us pick some zucchini from his farm. Later in the afternoon, exhausted but happy from our fun-filled day, we said our goodbyes and made our way back to Icheon and then back to Seoul. The Seongyeongdul village was a very charming and interesting place.