Sokcho, A Great Getaway

Written by Fairuz

July 2015Culture

Spring semester has ended and now we finally welcome summer holiday!  There are a lot of good reasons on why you should go out spend your summer holiday instead of  just staying at home. Korea has so many beautiful countrysides in which you can pay a visit  during summer, and one of them is Sokcho.  Sokcho is a small city located in the northeast part of Gangwon-do province. Not only is it a very  beautiful and peaceful city to begin ... (Read More)

Seoul’s Trend Mecca: Sinsa-dong & Hapjeong-dong

Written by Michael

July 2015Culture



Photo credit: Hapjeong-dong MecenatpolisSeoul's Trend Mecca: Sinsa-dong & Hapjeong-dong

If you like killing two birds with one stone, we recommend you to head out to Sinsa-dong and Hapjeong-dong to do some sightseeing and relaxing in one place! These so called “hip places” are two of the hottest neighborhoods in town, loved by both locals and international visitors, as ... (Read More)

Enjoy the Hot Korean Summer !

Written by Michael

July 2015Culture



enjoy korea

Although Korea has an abundance of attractions throughout the seasons, the best time to visit Korea is in the summer, when the country is replete with events and festivals that are sure to please all your senses! From Seoul all the way to the surrounding Gyeonggi-do, dozens of festivities are in full swing, including various music concerts and theme parks equipped to ... (Read More)

Seoul Pre-wedding Photoshot

Written by Matthew

May 2015Entertainment

Setiap orang melakukan perjalanan atau trip dengan berbagai alasan. Tentu saja perjalanan yang paling menyenangkan adalah perjalanan bersama orang-orang terkasih. Keluarga, teman, dan lainnya….

Memori perjalanan bersama orang-orang terkasih itulah yang membuat setiap orang rindu untuk mengabadikan setiap momen-momen menyenangkan pada perjalanan tersebut.

Untuk mengabadikan momen yang membuat hati berdebar. Untuk selalu bisa membayangkan momen yang tidak terbayangkan tersebut dengan jelas, setiap kali Anda melihat foto yang diambil selama perjalanan.

Reminisce ... (Read More)

Language Study

Written by Joanne

May 2015Culture

안녕하세요! こんにちは!Hello!

Saat menjelajahi negara atau budaya lain, tidak ada yang dapat bersaing dengan kesempatan untuk berbicara bahasa ibu negara tersebut. Berbahasa Korea atau Jepang, baik dalam level pemula maupun level menengah, dapat membuka berbagai pintu kesempatan yang tidak pernah Anda bayangkan sebelumnya.

Selain itu, meskipun berbagai perusahaan Korea dan Jepang memiliki permintaan tinggi akan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris, tanpa kemampuan berbahasa Korea atau Jepang itu sendiri, komunikasi dengan calon atasan atau calon rekan kerja dapat menjadi sangat melelahkan.

Berbagai universitas di Korean dan ... (Read More)

Korea Internship Program

Written by Joanne

May 2015Culture

Gain Real World Experience Interning in Korea Why Intern Abroad

Interning in Korea will prove to any prospective boss that you can meet challenges. It shows you can :

Adapt to new environments Learn from your surroundings Use your ingenuity to solve problem

Interning abroad means not only adjusting to real working environment, but an entirely new culture and set of customs as well. That is impressive

  Why Intern with Inspired steps

If you're already searching for internships, you've probably realized it isn't easy to find companies you're ... (Read More)

Seoul Snapshot

Written by Tiffany

May 2015Entertainment

People go on trips for all sorts of different reasons, with their family, friends, and loved ones…

When you travel, you want to capture the excitingly different feel of another country.

The moments that make your heart flutter
The vivid, unforgettable, impossible-to-put-into words moments

Reminisce Forever specializes in helping you to forever cherish all the moments from your travels you never want to forget.

*Overseas Travel Snapshots/Engagement Snapshots/Family Snapshots/Date Snapshots/Photobook Photography/Paparzi Photography*

Series 2

We’ve ... (Read More)

Japan Snapshot

Written by Michael

May 2015Entertainment

People go on trips for all sorts of different reasons, with their family, friends, and loved ones…

When you travel, you want to capture the excitingly different feel of another country.

The moments that make your heart flutter
The vivid, unforgettable, impossible-to-put-into words moments

Reminisce Forever specializes in helping you to forever cherish all the moments from your travels you never want to forget.

*Overseas Travel Snapshots/Engagement Snapshots/Family Snapshots/Date Snapshots/Photobook

Photography/Paparzi Photography*

Series 1

We’ve collected all the destinations in ... (Read More)

2015 Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival

Written by Chris

May 2015Entertainment

Uijeongbu is a satellite city north of Seoul with a strong military presence. It is also famous for budaejjigae (literally “army base stew”) to the point that there is an Uijeongbu Budaejjigae Street, a street with many buddaejjigae restaurants.

Also in this city of culture and arts is the Uijeongbu International Music Theatre Festival. This May was the 14th consecutive festival. It showcased outdoor performances, newly-released musicals, and new works of art. This ... (Read More)

Language of Dance: SACHOOM

Written by Chris

April 2015Entertainment

Korean traditional dance started nearly five thousand years ago from early rituals. Originating from the ancient shamanistic rituals, Korean traditional dance expanded to include several dances. Some of which became very famous during the later Korean kingdoms: Hermit dance, Ghost dance, fan dance, Monk dance and others. The fan dance, for example, began with shamans using leaves to perform nature rites but has since evolved into one of the most sophisticated Korean dances today.

(Read More)

Seoul: 10 Things try in 2015!

Written by Yeongjin

February 2015Culture

for the foodie.

1 From the sea : Headto a bustling fish market, pick any sea creature of your choice and try a dinner of fresh, raw seafood.


2 Savor the tradition : Sample authentic Korean dishes at a traditional hanok restaurant in Seoul. Look on lush green gardens and sip tea while relaxing in the quaint surroundings that the hanok villages have to offer.

3 Exotic street food! : Try some of Korea’s weirdest ... (Read More)

2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

Written by Andini

January 2015Entertainment

The Seoul Fashion Week is a global fashion event held twice a year in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. The Seoul Fashion Week is split into three parts:

1. The Seoul Collection, a high-end Korean fashion event. The collection is among the biggest in Korean fashion. First held in 2000, the Collection has become the most distinguished collection among all along with the growth of Korean fashion industry

2. Generation Next, an upcoming fashion design program for Korean designers. It concentrates on designers ... (Read More)

Studying Korean - Options outside of Seoul

Written by Charles

December 2014Daily Life

For those wanting to study the Korean language there is a huge selections of University programs now on offer.

Seoul, the political and cultural heart of South Korea, is often the first choice made by many students, but there are plenty of other options outside of the capital. Those of you who are looking for the chance to really emerse yourself in the Korean language might consider some of the following cities:  


- Jeonju is located in the SW province of Jeolla. ... (Read More)

Winter Hiking in Korea

Written by Charles

December 2014Culture

In recent years hiking has become a popular past time for many South Koreans. The mountains and designated national parks are well mapped with hiking routes accessible throughout the whole year for hikers of all abilities.  However the Korean countryside is particularly beautiful during the winter months as snow covers the fir forests and higher peaks of Korea's mountains. 

A short list of recommendations:

소백산 / Seobek-san

태백산 / Taebek-san. The Taebek mountain range is referred to as the backbone ... (Read More)

Korean Christmas

Written by Michael

December 2014Daily Life

For a country traditionally considered as Buddhist, the festive season of Christmas is celebrated by an increasingly large number of South Koreans today.

Like in major European and American cities, streets, department stores and churches are brightly lit up with decorations but there are some distinct differences. Whilst in the West people typically gather their family around and spend the day having dinner at home, South Koreans spend Christmas day by going out. While Christmas does carry a religious meaning it is ... (Read More)

Plastic Surgery Trend

Written by Sam

November 2014Culture

 Plastic surgery is no longer considered as abnormal and it is becoming more acceptable in many countries. According to the statistics, 1 in 20 American women and 1 in 5 Korean women have had some sort of plastic surgery work done. It is no longer a dream having eyes, lips, a nose, or a face structure you have ever wanted. It just comes down to a choice of where you want to get it done.

 South Korea has ... (Read More)

17th Asian Games: Incheon 2014

Written by Chris

October 2014Entertainment

The Asian Games, held every four years, are recognized as the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games. The first Games (originally Far Eastern Games) were held in Philippines in 1913.

While the Games have been hit by several crises – including national security, financial, political, and war – they have been continuing strong. There are 45 members affiliated with the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the organizing ... (Read More)

Breakdance Korea: R16 Part II

Written by Chris

July 2014Entertainment

See Part 1 of this article here to learn the basics of breakdancing, the movements, and how it spread to South Korea:

“Year Zero of Korean breaking” was 1997, and only a few years later, the government backed the trend, promoting it alongside Korean culture. One such event is R-16 Korea – a government-sponsored breaking competition with participants from all over the world. This event features regional elimination rounds with the final tournament ... (Read More)

Yonsei University: Heaven in the middle of Seoul

Written by Yen Ly

July 2014Culture

In its 2014 World Reputation Rankings, the British publication Times Higher Education (THE) rated Yonsei as one of the top ninety universities in the world. By reputation, then, Yonsei is the top private university in Asia and one of the twenty best private institution worldwide. Overall, the top three universities in THE’s reputation rankings were Harvard, MIT and Stanford, followed by Cambridge and Oxford.

According to QS Top Universities, Yonsei University is a center of learning based ... (Read More)

Back to nature: The hidden beauty of Ulleung Island

Written by Yen Ly

July 2014Culture

Already sick of the city? Feeling exhausted from working so hard in the office during quite a long time? Just go to Ulleung Island to feel cool breeze, the deep blue of sea water and shinning sunlight embracing this land totally like a sparkling pearl in the middle of ocean.

Ulleungdo is a pentagon-shaped island located near Dokdo island of Japan. Like Jeju-do, Ulleung-do came into being from a lot of volcanic eruptions. Its highest peak’s name ... (Read More)

Breakdance Korea: R16

Written by Chris

June 2014Entertainment

Breakdancing (or b-boying) is a style of street dance originating in NYC in the early 1970s. Due to media, the dancing style rapidly spread worldwide – including to Japan and South Korea.

Danced to breakbeats, hip-hop, or funk music, it typically consists of four movements called toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. Toprock is a string of steps in which the breaker is in standing position. Downrock describes movement ... (Read More)