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Perhaps you are a KPop or anime fan, perhaps you are interested in international business and are looking for work experience, perhaps you simply love travel and are looking to go somewhere like nowhere you've ever been before...but if you are not fluent in Japanese or Korean, it is hard to know where to start. 

That is why we at Inspired Steps have created comprehensive packages to help you culturally immerse yourself in the country you want to visit. 

We are a platform that offers counseling, assistance, planned itineraries, and more for a range of options that will allow you to experience life in Japan or Korea from the inside. From internships at Korean or Japanese companies, to studying at Japanese or Korean universities, to learning the languages, to exploratory travel programs, Inspired Steps can open the door.

Choose which service is best suited to your needs and fill out the contact form today!

We cannot wait to show you what you're missing!


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