Zero In On Growing Markets

By utilizing our core strengths based in our MuviK consulting services, we are currently developing short programs for individuals and businesses alike that seek to learn about particular areas of interests in the fast paced East Asian market. Through our local foresight we can lift the veil to places and opportunities you never imagined. We will take you closer than ever before so you can learn how local communities and businesses keep doing what they do best.

We do not just offer expertise for corporate market research, entry, or expansion, but we also lead professionals and individual hobbyists down paths in industries relevant to your interests such as culinary arts, global fashion, and traditional arts and crafts.

If you represent a business, please contact us directly for more information regarding benchmarking programs in Korea and Japan to fit the needs of you or your business.

* Note 1: Available bookings for Explorer Trends sessions will allow flexible registration times throughout the year and will be announced shortly.

* Note 2: Due to the unpredictable nature of air schedules and availability of certain services, the itinerary and all terms & conditions are subject to change without notice, either before or after the program begin.