Language of Dance: SACHOOM

Written by Chris

April 2015

Korean traditional dance started nearly five thousand years ago from early rituals. Originating from the ancient shamanistic rituals, Korean traditional dance expanded to include several dances. Some of which became very famous during the later Korean kingdoms: Hermit dance, Ghost dance, fan dance, Monk dance and others. The fan dance, for example, began with shamans using leaves to perform nature rites but has since evolved into one of the most sophisticated Korean dances today.

Over time, types of dance in Korea have also evolved. After the Korean War, many changes took place in Korea including dance. The combination of Korean traditional and Western dance became popular. Many artists established contemporary performances on the basis of traditional styles. From this contemporary dance spun the modernist style and the many other popular genres found today.

The common theme in all dance worldwide and throughout history is that dance is a language. One such musical is from Korea that wants to show the world “the only language that transcends time, space and nationality” is dance. “SACHOOM” is a performance without words that expresses a simple story using the universal language of movement. “Dance is freedom. Dance is a language. Dance is an interaction.” The musical is quite a unique performance that encourages the audience to participate in creating energy of the stage and moves the audience using only dance and music. Genres vary from hip-hop, jazz, contemporary dance, break dancing, and more. SACHOOM debuted in October 2004 and has seen over 1,900 performances in 10+ countries to date. Check out the Web site at