Korean Semi-permanent Beauty Training, Treatment & Set Box!

Written by Tiffany

July 2016

Inspired Steps is proud and pleased to offer our Korean semi-permanent beauty training program complete with treatment-- for those who want to recieve our Korean semi-permanent beauty services, and a set box-- for those who want to get started offering our Korean semi-permanent beauty services. 


Korean semi-permanent beauty is leading the trend in semi-permanent beauty all around the world. Our 3 day training program for all will prepare you to launch or continue your career as a semi-permanent beauty artist.

Set Box Item List

Our set box provides everything you need to get started on treating your own clients. And, since purchasing our set box is a must if you would like to participate in our training program, then you'll be moe than comfortable when you finally get to go from training in class to treating in the field!

Item List

  • Black (Bio Touch)
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Numb (Only For Eyeliner)
  • Shiny Black (Emboss)
  • Sterilizer (Semi-circular)
  • Sterilizer (Circular)
  • EMBO Pen (Venus)
  • EMBO Needle (SellUp-21R)
  • EMBO Coloring Cup (Modern Brown)
  • EMBO Coloring Cup (Taupe)
  • Machine Coloring Cup (Real Black)
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Bubblegum
  • Deep Dark Brown
  • Mild Chocolate Brown
  • Orange Brown
  • Holder Design Pen (Khaki Brown)
  • 3 Dimensional Braided Sleevings (Eyes)
  • 3 Dimensional Braided Sleevings (Lips)
  • 3 Dimensional Braided Sleevings (Face)
  • Digital Machine Needle (10 each)
  • Tag (2 rounds of anesthesia)
  • Super Numb (1 round of anesthesia)
  • Glove
  • Regenerating Cream
  • Cover Wrap
  • Ring Container
  • Coloring Cup
  • Micro Brush
  • Cotton Swab

If you or someone you know would like to get more information or sign up for our class, then please contact us using the contact form on our page! We will respond to you ASAP.