Korean Bridal & Celebrity Makeup Program (14 Days 13 Night)

Written by Tiffany

August 2016

Program Name Korean Bridal & Celebrity Makeup Program (14 Days 13 Night)
Course Duration  6 Hours x 10 days = 60 Hours          
Program Points: 1) Studying the latest bridal and celebrity hair and makeup trends from their source in South Korea will guarantee that a genuine product is being brought back and introduced to the Indonesian Market
2) Acquiring a diploma will grant legitimacy to professionals starting their business
3)Our beauty network offers support for a diverse range of marketing methods
Program Merits:
*  Even absolute beginners can become professional level Korean makeup stylists in just 2 weeks
*  Attendents who complete the course will be presented with a diploma
*  Inviduals recieve focused attention and guidance to ensure the progression of their repetoire and skill level
Schedule Time Day 1
Day 2~6
Day 7~8
Day 9~13
Day 14
08.00-09.00 Arrive at Incheon Airport and go to hotel Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
09.00-10.00 Depart to the Academy for Class
(Public Transportation)
Free Time Depart to the Academy for Class
(Public Transportation)
Depart to the Academy for Class
(Public Transportation)
10.00-13.00 Class (3 Hours) Class (3 Hours) Free time
13.00-14.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.00-17.00 Free Time Class (3 Hours) Free Time Class (3 Hours) Packing and Getting Ready to go to the Airport
17.00-18.30 Rest Time back at the Hotel Back to the Hotel for Free Time Farewell Party
18.30-21.00 Welcome Dinner
Monday Morning O.T/Intro to Course Materials, Skin Makeup Technique Afternoon Base & eye brow Outline Modification by Face Shape/Shading and Highlighting
Tuesday Morning  Eye Makeup Technique - (shadow one tone & lip) Afternoon Eye Shadow - (horizontal, vertical, diagonal pattern)  
Wednesday Morning Korean Natural M/up - (brown, pink) Afternoon Seasonal M/up (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)  
Thursday Morning Korean night M/up,  Party M/up Afternoon Advertisement M/up, Glossy/Dewy M/up
Friday Morning Glam-punk, Smokey M/up Afternoon Korean Trendy M/up (My Love From Another Star's Character Cheon Songgyi Makeup, etc.)  
Monday Morning Eyeshadow - Inner/Outer Eyelid Afternoon  Korean  Classic  M/up  
Tuesday Morning Korean Broadcast M/up - (Announcer) Afternoon Eastern/Oriental M/up  
Wednesday Morning Photo M/up Afternoon Korean Celebrity Trend M/up
Thursday Morning Korean Wedding Video M/up Afternoon Wedding Ceremony M/up  
Friday Morning Groom, Hanbok M/up Afternoon Korean M/up Final Overview  
 1) Tour of a K-Drama location set.
 2) Photo shoot at a Korean studio (wedding style, profile picture, traditional Korean style).
 3) Experience plastic surgery or skin surgery (according to the plan that you choose you will be required to extend your travel itinerary).
 4) Learn Korean cooking, experience and dining etiquette at a Korean family home.
 5) Korean celebrity make-up program and bridal make-up program. 
 6) Korean spa.
 7) Exploring Korean history - Gwanghwamun, Gyeongbokgung and Insadong.
 8) Other options are also available on request.

1) Must have a minimum of 6 students for each class and a maximum of 10 otherwise the class cannot take place
 2) The schedule can change without warning 
 3) Due to natural disasters or other unexpected events all activites can be cancelled.
 4) We do not accept any responsibility for natural disasters, war, explosion, or sudden accidents that may occur to the participant.
 5) Resgistration on the program is only possible after complete payment of the course fees. 
 6)In the case that a customer must cancel their program, please see the below conditions for relevant cancellation fees. 
 ◎ If there is notice of cancellation 60 - 41 days in advance: 10% of application fee. 
 ◎ If there is notice of cancellation 40 - 26 days in advance: 20% of application fee. 
 ◎ If there is notice of cancellation 25 - 13 days in advance: 50% of application fee.
 ◎ If there is notice under 12 days to the start of the program, or no notice at all: 100% of application fee. 

1) Airport Welcome Greeting and Send Off 
2) Program Instruction Fee
3) Class Basic Set Materials Fee (Using advanced set materials incur a 700,000 won additional fee on arrival)
4) Lodging Fee
5) Tour Guide and Program Translation
6) Welcome Dinner and Farewell Party Fee