K-pop Program

Written by Anna

June 2018

Are you down to fully immerse yourself into the K-pop culture? Looking for opportunities to audition in Korean entertainment companies? Want to learn Korean? Need assisstance in entering Korean High School/University? 

Inspired steps is proud to present the K-pop Training Program for anyone insterested in K-pop! This program was made for both amateurs and professionals with both short and long term programs, so feel free to choose a program you feel that fits you!

You don't need to be fluent in Korean, as you will be taking Korean language courses that fit your level. Translators and supporters will guide you through the exciting tour around seoul, and also help you in taking other supplementary classes such as Korean make-up lessons! 

Amateur Program

If you want to experience being an idol trainee, have audition opportunities, cultural immersion, and also learn Korean, Amateur Program is the right one for you!

Program durations: 9 days, 16 days, 23 days, 1 month 

The Amateur Program includes:

  • Korean language classes
  • Dance and vocal training by famous trainers who trained real idols!
  • Korean make-up and styling lessons
  • And lots of exciting optional activities such as visiting the big entertainment companies, exploring the city, wearing Hanbok...and much more!

Professional Program

If you are seriously thinking of becoming an idol trainee and want assistance in auditioning, or need assistance in entering a Korean performing arts related school, then this program is for you!

Program durations: 9 days, 16 days, 23 days, 1 month, 3 months and longer 

The Professional Program not only includes language classes and other fun activities, but also real professional assistance in auditions, whether it's for entertainment companies or performing arts school in Korea. Be prepared for the real deal!

If you or someone you know would like to know more about the program (full schedule, prices...etc.) or would like to sign up for our program, please contact us using one of the following:

MOBILE & WHATSAPP +82-10-4818-0669


After adding us on messenger, you must first provide us with the following information:

1. Full name:
2. Birth date/year:
3. Height:
4. Nationality:
5. Place of residence:
6. Occupation:
7. Korean Level:
8. English Level:
9. What is your talent? (singing/dancing/acting/modeling/appearance):
10. What type of program are you interested in?:
11. How long can you participate in the program?:
12. Do you have any special requests?:

If you send us what's listed above through messenger, we can send you more details!
We provide information on both open and closed auditions, and much more!


Contact number:+82-(0)2-720-2090