K-Cook Delight: Day-Restaurant & Intl. Social Gathering

Written by Jeroen

September 2013

On Saturday, September 28, the K-Cook Delight Campaign came to a spectacular finish at the WAV Bistro & Lounge multideck boat next to the Jamwon Han River Park in Apgujeong. For the past two months, 30 foreign chefs and cooking enthusiasts attended special cooking classes and competed against each other for a chance to present their Korean fusion dishes to the world.

Enriching their signature bibimbap, japchae, or pajeon dish with ingredients, flavors, and ideas from their native countries, the chefs presented their dishes to over two hundred interested expats and Koreans. With a tremendous view of Seoul from the 3rd deck, guests networked, and chatted away while enjoying "Zombie Pajeon," "Saffron Bibimbap," or "Sautéed Veggie Japchae."

By voting on their favorite dish, the guests then decided their favorite K-Cook Delight dish. It was a close call but Ryan Phillip's "Pork Belly Pajeon Wrap" in the Chef group and Debby Putri's "Indonesian Style Bibimbap" in the Local group were awarded the most votes.

Organized by Inspired Steps and sponsored by the Korean Food Foundation, the K-Cook Delight Campaign aims to spread Korean culture through cuisine. What is envisioned is expanding Korean cooking beyond Korea, enabling the world to explore the unique taste, excitement, and enjoyment that Korean food has to offer through participation of the diverse crowd worldwide.