K-Cook Delight Creative Recipes & Videos

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October 2013

The first edition of K-Cook Delight came to an end on September 28th with the 1st Day-Restaurant and Social Gathering in Seoul. More than 300 guests enjoyed the creative fusion cuisine prepared by 20 foreigners living in Korea who, after learning how to cook the signature Korean dishes, debuted as Korean chefs for the event.

In our effort to spread our passion for Korean food all over the world, Inspired Steps now brings the opportunity for K-food enthusiasts to learn to cook creative Korean dishes, regardless of where they live. Thanks to the participants of K-Cook Delight, we recorded the cooking of more than 30 creative dishes, combining a traditional Korean dish with flavors and ingredients of their 20 different countries.  

The videos include original recipes from US, China, Japan, South Africa, Colombia, France, Netherlands, and many others. Participants recorded the cooking instructions using their native language in order to make Korean cuisine accessible to everybody in their home countries.

All the recipes created by the foreign chefs and their instructional videos are now available at: http://www.inspiredsteps.org/en/k-cook-delight-videos. Check it out!