K-Cook Delight: Creative Cook-Off (Sep 7)

Written by Aaron

September 2013

On September 7, 2013, the K-Cook Delight campaign came close to wraps with the main competitive event: the cook-off. Here, the 30 participants (both chef and local group) came to the Korea Culinary Arts Academy at a designated time slot and were given an hour to produce their creative personalized Korean dish. For those in the Chef Group, two hours were given for them to cook two creative dishes: one mentioned above and another dish that comes from their own country, implementing Korean ingredients.

As the hours zoomed by, an array of delicious creative dishes were created all throughout the day, and in the end, three judges sampled each dish to make the decision of the 20 finalists. Those that were selected were given the opportunity to exhibit their dishes to the upcoming event of September 28, 2013: Day-Restauraunt and International Social Gathering.

Visit http://www.inspiredsteps.org/en/k-cook-delight and http://facebook.com/inspiredsteps.org for more information about the event.