K-Cook Delight is a campaign by Inspired Steps (www.inspiredsteps.org), and sponsored by Korean Food Foundation (www.koreanfood.net), which aims at spreading global awareness of Korean culture through its cuisine.


People of diverse set of nationalities/ethnicities will come together and apply to participate in the event. Among these applicants, thirty individuals will be selected (10 professional chefs, 20 local foreigners) and participate in cooking classes spanning for roughly three weeks. During this period, they learn how to cook Korea’s top representative traditional foods: pajeon, bibimbap, and jabchae. While they do so, participants integrate the ingredients, taste, and ideas of their native country, ultimately producing a creative new Korean food dish on the first week of September. Afterwards, they film themselves explaining their creation in their native language, and exhibit it at the “Day-Restaurant” event, followed by the International Exchange Party.


Although starting off in Seoul, Korea, “K-Cook Delight” is a project that hopes to spread beyond Asia alone, and become a worldwide event. Not only will participants be a part of something entertaining and creative, but they will also be at the forefront of a campaign aimed to expand awareness for more than just food, but culture.

Cooking Class Program

Over 3 weekends, participants learned to cook Bibimbap, Japchae, and Hamul Pajeon in traditional Korean style. The final program was a creative cook-off with home country influence!

Day-Restaurant & International Social Gathering

The pinnacle of the K-Cook Delight program was the Day-Restaurant, where cook-off finalists prepared their creative, foreign-styled cuisine for all to share in the Social Gathering.

Videos & Recipes

All participants from the cook-off created cooking video shows showing the preparation of their dish. Original recipes are also available. Try your own style!

Media Coverage

The 1st K-Cook Delight Day-Restaurant and Social Gathering in Seoul received exciting reviews in various forms: news, video, blog, etc.

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