Is Studying in South Korea Frightening for You? Fear Nothing

Written by Dhani

July 2015

Previously, Europe and Northern America would be the most favorite destinations for parents to send their children for education. But with Asia latest development and stabilization, now even Western people wish to study there. Nowadays, South Korea has become one of the most attractive study havens in Asia.

Studying in South Korea might sound frightening as the country has its own language system and relatively reserved culture especially towards elder. However, international students do not need to worry about that!

Study Challenge in Korea

1. Courses taught in English

Foreign students might be slightly apprehensive about studying in South Korea because they cannot speak or even understand Korean. Truthfully, you do not need to worry about that as many universities now offer courses in English. The professors are mostly Koreans but they have sufficient English proficiency to guide you through the lesson.

2. International friends

As South Korea begins to attract students from all over the world, the number of international students continues to rise. This will provide you opportunities to make friends with so people from different countries and learn their language as well as their cultures. Living in South Korea nowadays is like living in a huge cultures aquarium.

3. Many fun activities

South Korean government and NGOs love to involve international residents in many cultural activities (usually free of charge!). The activities can range from palace tour to enjoying Korean traditional cuisines and even KPop-related activities. There are also some internship opportunities from South Korean companies that would benefit you in the future.

4. Learning Korean on its homeland

There are so many people who wish to learn Korean either because liking Hallyu or because they are just interested in the language. Learning the language in its origin would be the best thing if you really want to master Korean. Korean people also respect foreigners who are trying to learn their language.

In addition to all that, South Korea has a very comfortable environment to live in. You can feel that modernization and tradition go hand-in-hand. The technology here supports citizens to live their life comfortably but in the day when you want to experience traditional culture, you can go visit palace or traditional market near your residence.