Gain Real World Experience

Intern in Korea or Japan


Why Intern Abroad?

We don't need to stress the value of an internship. You already know that gaining real working experience at a company gives an advantage to anyone competing in the job market. 

But why go abroad? 

Interning in Japan or Korea will prove to any prospective boss that you can meet challenges. It shows you can adapt to new environments, learn from your surroundings, and use your ingenuity to solve problems. Interning abroad means not only adjusting to a real working environment, but an entirely new culture and set of customs as well. That is impressive.


Internship Korea

Why Intern Through Inspired Steps?

If you're already searching for internships, you've probably realized it isn't easy to find companies you're interested in working at, OR companies who might be interested in you. That's why Inspired Steps is here to help. Through our connections we are able to connect you to potential employers best suited for you!

Internship placements are available in a variety of fields, including but not limited to:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Tourism
  • Media/communications
  • International relations
  • Nonprofit
  • Asian studies
  • Economics 

Besides just finding companies, we know that adjusting to a foreign business environment is not easy. That's why Inspired Steps offers a variety of services to help you adjust. Inspired Steps internship packages also include:

-Spend one month working for our company to train you for later potential placement

-Assistance with any necessary language study


-Pickup Services

-Visa support

-Ongoing support while living in Japan or Korea 


Accomodation Options

1. Home stay

2. Goshitel (affordable single-person apartment with some shared facilities)

3. Officetel (studio apartment)

4. Dormitory

5. Serviced Apartment


Important to Know

  • Depending on your visa, work experience and field of work, your internship may be or may not be paid. In some cases, the company may be able to provide accommodation to interns.
  • Visa requirements vary depending on your country of origin, your desired country, and the length of the internship
  • To be eligible for an internship you must be currently enrolled or graduated from a university
  • You must speak fluent English and/or Japanese or Korean (depending on where you want to intern)

***(Please find visa information regarding your desired country below)

More information can be found about interning in Korea on the Korean e-government website Hi-Korea for foreigners, located here, and here for Japan.

Getting Started

If you would like assistance in getting an internship in Korea or Japan, do not hesitate to contact us at our contact form here.


Submit the Application Form
To begin the application process, request an initial consultation through our 'Apply Now' page (or the link above).
Pay the Application Fee
Pay the Inspired Steps application fee. If for whatever reason an internship cannot be arranged, or, if you've paid the $1,000 specified internship fee and an internship in your requested field cannot be arranged, we will refund all your money, excluding the $200. 
Student Counseling
Check student’s Korean or Japanese level and skills and complete “entry sheet” to be submitted to companies.
Matching Students to Companies and Consulting with Prospective Companies
Choose the proper candidate with consideration of both the applicant's desired conditions and company’s requirements. Submit applicant's information and arrange two interviews.
Deciding on companies
Issue and exchange of memorandums with companies and confirm insurance and contract contents. 
Final Agreement Between Intern and Company
Final check on questions, company rules, and the needs of preliminary job training.
Apply for Visa (if needed) and Book Flight
With your company's agreement you can now apply for the visa to come work in Korea and book your flight!

Internship course - Fukuoka


Helping open the door towards a new world of people, language and culture.


We create connections and forge lasting relationships with people from around the world. There is no greater feeling than experiencing the warm smiles of those who share their life with us.


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