Hangang (Han River) Park, Taking A Minute to Relax in Seoul

Written by Fatiya

July 2015

(courtesy: trazy.com)


Seoul is a beautiful city that has the large Han River (Hangang) dividing Seoul into two part, and the scenery of Han River is something you definitely cannot miss while visiting Seoul. The great Han River runs along the middle of the city, and there are some Hangang Parks created especially for purpose of admiring the view of the beautiful river.

Spring and summer are the best season to visit Hangang Park, because the weather is nice. Maybe doing some picnic in the night while eating chickens and drinking beers or renting a bicycle or two with your time to spend some quality time along the park for morning sports. There are also some Hangang Park that have special feature like the Banpo Moonlight Fountain Water Show in Banpo Hangang Park  the rock climbing wall in Ttukseom Hangang Park

There are total of 12 Hangang Parks at different locations along Han River:

  1. Banpo Hangang Park
  2. Ttueoksom Hangang Park
  3. Yeouido Hangang Park
  4. Gwangnaru Hangang Park
  5. Ichon Hangang Park
  6. Nanji Hangang Park
  7. Seoyundo Hangang Park
  8. Gwaseo Hangang Park
  9. Mangwon Hangang Park
  10. Jamsil Hangang Park
  11. Jamwon Hangang Park
  12. Yanghwa Hangang Park

Hangang Park is the perfect destination to relax for a while from the busy activities in the metropolitan city of Seoul. Without having to goo to far or travel outside Seoul for relaxing, you can do that exactly here at the Hangang Parks in the middle of the city. As long as the weather is not too cold, you can take a visit to Hangang Park at anytime – whether in the morning, evening or nights – with your significant ones. Going there with you romantic partner, families, some close friends, or simply by yourself will feel good anyway. The feel that Han River bought into the Hangang Park offer some place for contemplating, appreciating life and very romantic – even by yourself.


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