Experiencing Japanese Culture Through Studying Abroad in Japan

Written by Fairuz

July 2015

(courtesy: goldenjipangu.com)

Studying in Japan would be one of the biggest dreams of every student across the world. Not only will they receive one of the best education systems in the world, they will also have the chance to experience the beauty of Japanese culture. 

Most of people would likely know about Japanese culture in general. Shrines, temples, mountains, manga, anime --- everything about Japan sounds so interesting! Who doesn't know manga and anime? Yes, you can feel yourself admiring those modern culture of Japan by yourself, once you're in Japan. Through studying abroad in Japan, you will get to experience all of them and even more intensely since you are immersing with their culture yourself!

Studying abroad in Japan also provides you an important chance to experience Japanese lifestyle (which is also very interesting!). Studying abroad in Japan means that you are interacting with Japanese people. It further means that you are slowly immersing with their life. You would experience their hospitality, their punctuality, their politeness, their intelligence, and also their liking of cleanliness. Having experienced those things in Japan, you will surely have a better view of life (especially of time!).

If you're seeking for more of a natural experience while you're studying abroad, Japan is also a perfect place for you. Japan experiences four seasons in a year --- which is very appealing since it is really beautiful to have winter, spring, summer and fall in one place, don't you think?

Do not forget about the cuisine, too! Japan provides you the best culinary travel --- from ramen and sushi to okonomiyaki and dorayaki, you can serve yourself the best culinary experience.

All in all, studying abroad in Japan would get you more than just a study experience --- it is so much more than that.

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