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Korean cuisine revolves around the synergy of a few main ingredients and vegetables that combine to make a truly unique flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. These main ingredients are red peppers, soy beans, doenjang (a fermented soybean paste), gochujang (a paste made from red peppers and soy beans) and soy sauce. Onions, scallions, ginger, sesame oil, and garlic are also common accompaniments to Korea dishes.

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Korean is an ancient language that serves as a primary language in South Korea, North Korea, areas of China. Many have compared it to Japanese due to similar grammar structure and vocabulary, but it is in itself quite a unique language. Throughout thousands of years of reform, one of the largest turning points came with the invention of the Hangeul alphabet by Sejong the Great ... (Read More)


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Korean martial arts have been known for as long as Japanese martial arts to the west. With a history of internal cultivation and development by Korean warriors, and contact with China and Japan, Korean martial arts are varied and dynamic. Taekwondo is perhaps the most popular of them all, a martial arts system highly structured around various kicking techniques and currently an official Olympic sport.

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Korean entertainment is a non-stop force. When the first Korean wave hit in the 90’s, people started to slowly learn about Korean dramas and music. Now in full force, this “second” wave is leaving a mark in the entertainment world. Korean music, bands, idols, TV shows, and films are now reaching the Americas, Europe, and all over Asia. Stars like “Rain” (Bi) are making ... (Read More)


The invention of Han-gul(the Korean phonetic alphabet) was a natural evolution and great achievement of the 15th-century ... (Read More)


Tech may be the biggest wonder of Korea. Samsung and LG are some of the closest rivals to challenge American and Japanese companies in electronics. This is achievable because Korean society endorses new technology and companies have the power to drive it further and further.

Smart TV’s, cell phones, tablets, display technology, and semi-conductor manufacturing are all of the strengths in Korea that allow it to continue to innovate.  ... (Read More)


Traveling in Korea symbolizes a pastime for many Koreans and now is open to foreigners much more than before. Korea has so much to see despite not being as well known. From the beautiful mountainous vistas in Jeju Island to the clean ... (Read More)

Modern Day


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Modern day South Korea is an economically and technologically advanced country. Boasting one of the best public transportation systems in the world, the entire country is easily accessible for both natives and tourists. Lighting fast internet speeds also ensure cities never sleep, creating a lively, rich atmosphere day in and day out. With the likes of Samsung, LG and Kia/Hyundai all calling Korea their home, ... (Read More)


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Korean art dates back to the times of the 3 kingdoms (Goguyreo, Baekje and Silla). It is shown through various type of art such as paintings, craftworks, calligraphies, potteries, architectures and more.

Korean art has been largely influenced by Buddhism and eventually Confucianism philosophy during the Choson dynasty (1392 –1910). Good examples of the outstanding Korean artwork, especially Buddhism influenced architecture, paintings are seen in Gyeongju which ... (Read More)

Daily Life


Traditionally Koreans love to socialize with people in groups than individuals. People can find many forms of Korean music, dance and performances that are focused on being performed in groups. That peculiar character of Korean people allows the country to continuously develop many types of socializing cultures.

Korea also houses the world’s fastest internet connection and it is no surprise that it is also a very sociable nation. Millions of users connect everyday to social media and various other internet ... (Read More)

About Korea

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Korea Statistics

Capital: Seoul
Official Language: Korean
Official Currency: South Korean Won ₩ (KRW)
President: Park Geun Hae
Area: 100,210 Square KM
Population: 48,000,000
National Flag: Taegeukgi
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Korea’s history and culture is heavily influenced by their Chinese neighbors. Koreans have borrowed much from China, such as their character system (called Hanja in Korean) or the Buddhist religion which originates in India. During the Three Kingdoms of Korea period each respective kingdom, the Silla, Baekje and Goguryeo, all adopted Buddhism as their national religions. These Chinese influences remain prevalent in Korea today. Beautiful Buddhist temples are scattered ... (Read More)


Korea is known for its high taste for fashion and design. One walk through Gangnam or even Dongdaemun, fashion influences are everywhere. Young people struggle to dress up in the latest fashion, one that changes faster than you can blink your eye. Even coffee shops show miraculous interior designs, as well as the pamphlets, shops, and various sights all over the streets.

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While Japan was rising in the last few decades, Korea quietly experienced a rapid growth in manufacturing industries from the 1960’s. Even today, Korea has major players involved in construction, automobiles, and shipbuilding. Korea is another modern economic miracle that came after Japan, now ranking in 15th place based on nominal GDP. Now boasting some of the world’s leading technologies from giants like Samsung and LG, Korea is ... (Read More)


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Starting in the 1960s, Korea animation took a first step into this exciting industry. The high costs to produce animations at the beginning of animation industry and the big cultural influence from overseas such as Disney, US and Ghibli, Japan in 1990s slowed growth; however, Korean animation developed its own individuality in early 2010 with rapid development. Many animations in Korea could get ... (Read More)