Colorful Matsuri

Written by Kate

June 2012

Japanese people distract themselves from day to day fatigue and stress by going to summer Matsuri. What is Matsuri? Matsuri is among the most colorful aspects of Japanese life. The original meaning “Matsuri” implies “to call a God.”

In Kyoto the famous Gion Matsuri is celebrated throughout July with various events. During the day, the district of Gion is filled with the energy of tourists and sellers from the street’s traditional shops. You can enjoy food like chocolate bananas, Kakigori, fruit candy, Yakisoba, and more from the various food stalls. Also there are many shops where you can play games that you can only see during the summer Matsuri such as Kingyousukui (fishing for small fish or dolls).

Many roads are closed to accomodate people that come by to check out the festival and enormous display of fireworks. Many of the streets are packed tight with people but the Matsuri experience and atmosphere would not be complete without this excitement.

Most people dress in Yukatas carrying traditional purses and paper fans during the festival evenings. People prepare for a long time before going to see Matsuri, just like when they are preparing go to wedding ceremonies.

If you feel excited about Matsuri why don’t you visit Japan and join the celebration? It is an experience you will never forget.