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In the last decades, Korea and Japan have become two of the most advanced countries in the world. At the same time, its citizens are proud of their culture and heritage. Discover how technology and tradition coexist through our special City Tour activities. 

Through the different activities we organize, you will get the highlights of the country from a local perspective and experience the history and rich culture of Korea and Japan through various activities:

Japan city tour

The Process

Our City Tours cover some of the most interesting spots in Korea and Japan that have become an icon of the rapid economic development of the countries during the last decades. From the cutting-edge technology improvements to the most famous Korean dramas, these tours cover all the must-see spots for K-fans and Japan enthusiasts.

Birdwatching in the Morning Calm: Korea

Known as the Land of the Morning Calm, Korea is home to a large number of special bird species more easily seen here than anywhere else in the world. After the fall harvest season, the fields on the Cheorwon Plain are covered with fallen grains, providing migratory birds with a bounty of food.

Ever seen golden eagles, vultures or red-crowned cranes in their natural habitat? Join this tour to see over a ... (Read More)

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Seoul Upscale Fashion Walk: Korea

The Seoul Fashion Walk tour is a fully-customizable program. It is aimed at business insiders seeking a deeper understanding of the world of fashion, retail, and trends in East Asia. Here we cover Korean fashion and are able to give you a comprehensive tour of the areas, businesses, and sites that matter.

Take a tour through Korea’s most-prominent shopping areas and get a firsthand understanding of how the fashion world ... (Read More)

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Vintage & Indie Tokyo: Japan

Get a grasp of the Japanese fashion scene - see what moves Japanese youth and from where the newest trends spring in Tokyo. Each area in Tokyo has its own distinct style and atmosphere. You will be surprised at what the metropolis has to offer.


Popular among Japanese designers, artists, and musicians, Naka-Meguro is a laid-back area of Tokyo filled with designer boutiques, vintage, interior, and art book shops. The cafés in the area invite ... (Read More)

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Seoul Trendy Fashion Walk: Korea

The Fashion Walk tour is fully customizable. It is aimed at business insiders seeking a deeper understanding of the world of fashion, retail, and trends in East Asia. Here we cover Korea and are able to give you a comprehensive tour to and through the areas, businesses, and sites that matter.

Take a tour through Korea’s most prominent shopping areas and get a first hand understanding of how the fashion world in Seoul turns. ... (Read More)

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Cycle the "Road to Peace and Life": Korea

Being the most militarized border in the world and a symbol of the division between North and South Korea, the demilitarized zone is a very unique strip of land. In 2010, the Korean government opened a 19-kilometer course which will take you through one of the best preserved ecosystems on the planet due to decades of forbidden access. Nicknamed the “Road to Peace and Life,” cycling along the DMZ will be unlike any other ride you have done before.


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Hiking at Bukhansan Mountain: Korea

Bukhansan Mountain offers sublime vistas of mist-shrouded forests, maple leaves, rushing stream, and remote temples. It is perfect for hiking in all seasons. In spring, a variety of flowers bloom. In the summer, lush forests carpet the numerous valleys. During fall, the forest leaves turn into fiery shades of red, and the winter transforms the mountain peaks into snow-covered serene landscape.

If you make it to the top, you will be rewarded with stunning views of Seoul sometimes ... (Read More)

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Into the World of K-Entertainment: Korea

K-Dramas and movies have long been a bridge between Korea and the outer world. When you come to this country of romance and beauty, it is always a good idea to visit various places related to the movies and dramas from obsessions or even childhood memories. Let Inspired Steps walk with you into the world of K-Entertainment!

There are many packages that you can choose from. Each includes a shooting location of ... (Read More)

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Market, BBQ, & Club in Seoul: Korea

Markets are not everywhere, especially those that are always busy and entertaining. For this reason, come with InspiredSteps to explore the hidden famous markets that exist within Seoul, specifically Gwangjang Market. From there, enjoy some Korean BBQ and finish off the night by going to one of Seoul’s top clubs. By the time the day has finished, you’ll have become a full out Korean.


Time 4:00PM – 12:00AM (*time may vary) Price $140 Minimum people 1 Details

You will be provided with a bilingual ... (Read More)

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Through the Eyes of Gamers: Korea

If there’s any other country in the world known for its hardcore gaming, it is Korea. By exterior, those that are not into gaming may not understand the cultural importance of video games, which is why taking the time to experience it hands on is highly recommended.

With that in mind, you should come with Inspired Steps to get a grasp of what it’s like to be sucked into the entertainment of video games, while enjoying some ... (Read More)

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High-Tech World: Korea

One of the first things that may come to your mind when you first think about Korea is probably Technology. Home to some of the biggest technology manufacturers in the world, Korea is known worldwide for its high connectivity, continuous innovation and fast adoption of new products. In this tour you will have the chance to experience firsthand how Korean technology brands have become dominant.


Visit Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics has ... (Read More)

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Seoul by Night: Korea

Seoul is a lively, 24/7 city that offers the visitor as many options at night as during the daytime. In this tour, you will have the chance to discover the most impressive sights of the city by night. The tour features many different points in Seoul: view the impressive skyline at Yeouido, watch the Bampo bridge light show, and enjoy the best sight of Seoul from the top of the Namsan Tower.

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A Glimpse into the North: Korea

North Korea is one of the most obscure regimes in the world. Access to the country is restricted and even those who can travel there are not able to discover the daily life of true locals. Through this tour, you will have the opportunity to hear directly from Korean defectors, who escaped the country, as they explain daily life for regular people in North Korea.


You will also have the chance to ... (Read More)

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Campus Town in Seoul: Korea

Three of the most prestigious universities in Korea (Yonsei, Ehwa Woman’s, and Hongik) happen to be located very closely to each other. While they might share the same spirit of youth and academia, each institution features its own characteristics in terms of surrounding atmosphere, students’ style, and campus architecture.


Time 10:00 to 15:00 (*time may vary) Price  $80 Minimum people 1 Details

You will be provided with a bilingual buddy

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Gangnam Style: Korea

Thanks to the mega-hit song “Gangnam Style” of Psy, the symbol of Korea’s wealth and prosperity has been introduced to the whole world. However, is it possible that a 4-minute music video transfers fully what it is there in the Gangnam area? What do the people really do here? Is there anything worth noticing behind the bling-bling image of the district? Accompanied with a local buddy from Inspired Steps, you would be able to explore the authentic Gangnam style.

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The Essence of Seoul: Korea

Discover the history and rich culture of Seoul during a three-hour walking tour that will take you to the main landmarks that played an important role in the history of the capital. This walking tour will provide insights of how the city was structured during the royal period and how daily life was for the different social classes during that period. You will also have the chance to discover Korean ceramics and traditional crafts.


Time 10:00 ... (Read More)
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Han River Cycling Tour: Korea

The Han River lies at the heart of Korean history and culture. Cycling around it not only provides stunning views, but also enables you to grasp the enormous size of Seoul. Today there are 12 parks lining about nine million square meters of riverbank with plenty of recreation and relaxation spots, as well as restaurants and food corners.



Time Length 2 hours   Price $50 Minimum people 1 Details

(disclaimer: public transportation costs are not included)

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Seoul Fortress Wall

The Seoul Fortress Wall was built in 1397 to protect Seoul from invaders and show the boundaries of the city. The total length of the wall walk is 18.2km and although most of it was destroyed during the Japanese invasion and the Korean War it has been partially restored in the last decades. In this tour you will follow one of the most popular routes, in the eastern section of the Wall.

Take this tour if you want ... (Read More)

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Roppongi by Night: Japan

Roppongi is an area of Tokyo that is alive all night! If you want to see Japan's night life, this tour is sure to satisfy your late-night craving. The tour features a visit to the famous Mori Tower (that also includes the Mori Museum and an observation deck), exploring Roppongi Hills, and ends at the night club district in Roppongi.


Mori Tower              Roppongi Hills                 ... (Read More)
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East Tokyo Tour: Japan

East Tokyo is filled with many adventures that more than one day is needed to see it all. Lucky for you, we offer a 1/2-day tour that will make the most of your time there.

          Asakusa                                        Japanese Traditional Garden      Tsukiji Fish Market

This tour features Asakusa (a very ... (Read More)

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