Korean Semi-permanent Beauty Training, Treatment & Set Box!

Written by Tiffany

July 2016Daily Life

Inspired Steps is proud and pleased to offer our Korean semi-permanent beauty training program complete with treatment-- for those who want to recieve our Korean semi-permanent beauty services, and a set box-- for those who want to get started offering our Korean semi-permanent beauty services. 


Korean semi-permanent beauty is leading the trend in semi-permanent beauty all around the world. Our 3 day training program for all will prepare you to launch ... (Read More)

Pojangmacha: Jajanan Kaki Lima Ala Korea!

Written by Synta

December 2015Daily Life

Tidak hanya bagi pelajar, jajanan kaki lima adalah pilihan kuliner yang enak dan pas di kantong. Sama halnya di Indonesia, jajanan kaki lima di Korea (disebut pojangmacha), juga sangat populer di kalangan penikmat santapan murah dan tentunya lezat. Pojangmocha ini lumrah ditemui hampir di pinggir jalan atau pusat keramaian seperti Hongdae, Sinchon, Myeongdong, dan kawasan lainnya.

Yuk kita lihat beberapa pojangmacha yang paling populer di kalangan pelancong!

1. Tteokbokki 떡볶이 (Kue beras - 3,000 won/porsi)

(Read More)

Seoul: A city of opportunities

Written by Dhani

August 2015Daily Life

Seoul is a city that always buzzes with life. The city is always fully charged 24/7. It might sound tiring, but this is the reason why Seoul is worthy to be living in.

There are so many chances you can encounter at Seoul as it is the center of various national and international activities in South Korea.

Study in a ... (Read More)

Daftarkan Dirimu Menjadi Alien di Korea Selatan!

Written by Fatiya

July 2015Daily Life

Untuk kalian yang berencana untuk tinggal di Korea Selatan selama lebih dari 3 bulan, maka memiliki ‘kartu alien’ sebagai kartu penduduk sementara adalah hal yang wajib. Eh, kartu alien?


Ya, nama kartu penduduk sementara bagi Warga Negara Asing yang sedang tinggal di Korea Selatan selama lebih dari 3 bulan adalah Alien Registration Card Maksudnya adalah kalian resmi terdaftar sebagai alien – atau ‘orang asing’ di Korea Selatan. Ya, namanya benar-benar Alien Registration Card. Hukumnya membuat ARC adalah wajib jika ... (Read More)

Homestay: What To Do?

Written by Fairuz

July 2015Daily Life

Homestay has been one of the most popular choices of accomodation among international/foreign students. Doing a homestay program certainly benefits you a lot. Not only does it provide you a chance to experience the local culture itself, you can also learn to adjust yourself better in the local environment. Also, homestay is the best choice for them who doesn't want to spend a big amount of money on accomodation. After all, in most places, doing a homestay ... (Read More)

Ingin Tinggal di Jepang dengan Tenteram? Perhatikan Hal-hal Berikut Ini!

Written by Dhani

July 2015Daily Life

Hidup di Jepang menjadi impian banyak orang. Negara ini mampu menggabungkan nuansa tradisional dan modern yang menarik perhatian orang dari segala penjuru dunia. Namun, ketertarikan dan kemampuan saja tidak cukup untuk menjamin hidupmu di Jepang menyenangkan. Ada beberapa hal yang harus kamu ketahui mengenai kebiasaan di Jepang yang akan menghindarkanmu dari masalah.



(Courtesy: www.tokyotimes.org)

Jepang memiliki sistem membuang sampah yang cukup rumit dibandingkan negara-negara lainnya. Akan ... (Read More)

Apakah Hidup Hemat di Seoul Mungkin?

Written by Dhani

July 2015Daily Life

(Courtesy: http://louise-bay.com)

Seoul merupakan ibukota Korea Selatan dan pusat dari segala macam aktivitas perekonomian di negara ini. Kota ini merupakan kota dengan kepadatan tertinggi di Korea dan bahkan lebih padat daripada Kota Jakarta. Akan tetapi, fasilitas yang disediakan pemerintah membuat hidup di Seoul menjadi nyaman bagi penduduknya.


Seoul merupakan tempat yang strategis bagi pelajar internasional untuk belajar. Sebagai pusat perekonomian dan pemerintahan tentunya kota ini lebih mengakomodasi kebutuhan ... (Read More)

Merencanakan Kuliah di Jepang Membuat Pusing!

Written by Dhani

July 2015Daily Life

school in japan

(Courtesy: www.japantimes.co.jp)

Jepang merupakan salah satu negara maju di Asia yang memiliki kualitas pendidikan level internasional (Universitas Tokyo misalnya berada pada peringkat 31 dunia menurut QS World University Ranking). Negara ini mampu menarik minat calon pelajar baik dari Asia maupun belahan dunia lain karena hal tersebut. Kekayaan budaya di negara ini juga merupakan salah satu atraksi Jepang yang membuat banyak orang berbondong-bondong mendatangi negara ini. Animo pelajar dari Asia Tenggara untuk ... (Read More)

Studying Korean - Options outside of Seoul

Written by Charles

December 2014Daily Life

For those wanting to study the Korean language there is a huge selections of University programs now on offer.

Seoul, the political and cultural heart of South Korea, is often the first choice made by many students, but there are plenty of other options outside of the capital. Those of you who are looking for the chance to really emerse yourself in the Korean language might consider some of the following cities:  


- Jeonju is located in the SW province of Jeolla. ... (Read More)

Korean Christmas

Written by Michael

December 2014Daily Life

For a country traditionally considered as Buddhist, the festive season of Christmas is celebrated by an increasingly large number of South Koreans today.

Like in major European and American cities, streets, department stores and churches are brightly lit up with decorations but there are some distinct differences. Whilst in the West people typically gather their family around and spend the day having dinner at home, South Koreans spend Christmas day by going out. While Christmas does carry a religious meaning it is ... (Read More)

Gaecheonjeol - National Foundation Day

Written by Aaron

October 2013Daily Life

October 3 celebrates what Koreans call Gaecheonjeol, National Foundation Day. Meaning "Opening of Heaven," it is a time where all Koreans celebrate the creation of ancient Korea. The basic belief was that Danggun Wanggeom, grandson of heaven, founded the first kingdom of Korea in 2333 BC. With that he established the first state known as Gojoseon, and throughout the centuries, this day has come to be known as Korea's birthday. 

Woman's University: Yes or No?

Written by Van T.

July 2013Daily Life

(Please click on the photo for original source) 

(Ewha Women's University)

There are many woman’s universities in Korea, some of which are always in top of the best higher educational institutions in the country. Many people argue that the universities were established to protect the right of the women at the time when only few women had chance to pursue education. Nowadays it seems that two genders are treated equally, so those universities are not ... (Read More)

Yonkojeon or Koyonjeon?

Written by Vionna

July 2013Daily Life

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Held annually in Korea during the Fall season, Yonko-jeon or Koyon-jeon is a sports game and cheering event organized by Korea University and Yonsei University. The naming of this event depends on which school you belong to or which you support. Yonko stands for Yonsei-Korea while Koyon stands for Korea-Yonsei. Therefor, if you are a Yonsei supporter you would name the games as Yonko-jeon and ... (Read More)

The Convenience Store

Written by Joanne

April 2013Daily Life

Source: Yogarally

If you want a truly authentic experience into the life of a daily Korean or Japanese citizen, then you have to visit Japan and Korea’s many convenience stores.  It is a great source for obtaining unique snacks such as dried squid, tteokbokgi crackers, and onigiri.  In fact, Japan’s convenience store onigiri is revered as gourmet by many and is a highly popular choice of meal and snack for ... (Read More)

Jjim-jil-bang Culture

Written by Joanne

February 2013Daily Life

Korea offers many exciting and affordable ways to hang out with friends, family, and your significant other.  One activity that is unique to Korean culture is spending time at jjim-jil-bangs (Korean style saunas).  Koreans do not go there just for bathing; a jjim-jil-bang is like a comprehensive indoor activity center that includes a gym, baths, a movie theatre, restaurant, pools, game rooms, and more.  As soon as you enter a jjim-jil-bang, ... (Read More)

Nanji Camping Grounds

Written by Joanne

October 2012Daily Life

There are many things to do in Seoul but one of the more unique experiences is camping within the city.  Over by the world cup stadium, there is a camping ground where you can set up tents and have a barbecue party with friends.  It’s a great way to experience local Korean culture and is a well-kept secret from most foreigners and tourists.  There are convenient facilities located within the ... (Read More)

Your Grandmother in Korea

Written by Sarah

June 2012Daily Life


image source: flickr

  How do you remember your grandmother? Grandmothers in the U.S. are known for their hot chicken soup while grandmothers in Korea are famous for the way they raise their grandchildren. Many grandmothers make their grandchildren go out in the nature and run around. Korean people usually recall their grandmother’s love in the remembrances of playing in mountains and rivers. Because of this, ... (Read More)

Colorful Matsuri

Written by Kate

June 2012Daily Life

Japanese people distract themselves from day to day fatigue and stress by going to summer Matsuri. What is Matsuri? Matsuri is among the most colorful aspects of Japanese life. The original meaning “Matsuri” implies “to call a God.”

In Kyoto the famous Gion Matsuri is celebrated throughout July with various events. During the day, the district of Gion is filled with the energy of tourists and sellers from the street’s ... (Read More)