Mobile Communication Advertisements

Written by Sarah

July 2012Business

Since Korea is a hot place for mobile devices, competition for such services is getting stronger day by day. As the age of smartphones is on its way, it is needless to say that wireless internet service competition is more fierce than any other time.

It was only last year that everybody was advertising about Wi-Fi. KT, one of three big mobile companies, was demonstrating their wide range of internet service coverage by making a commercial ... (Read More)

On the Verge of a New Wave

Written by Seah

June 2012Business

The first pizza shop in Pyeong-yang, North Korea opened in the winter of 2008 and was only available to government officials.  After hearing this news, a contemporary artist named Hwang Kim started planning a project called “Pizza for All.” The project was simply to distribute a pizza recipe among North Koreans, in the same way that the soap operas from the South spread. Surprisingly, feedback came back from North Korea. The artist then made a short film out of the ... (Read More)