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Korea and Japan are among the most developed nations in East Asia, and the world. Sprawling cities that harbor the foundations of tomorrow's technology are just a byproduct of the enormous speed in which they grew. Yet, both countries hold many unknowns to the outside world and certainly offer many more opportunities in other industries than simply just technology. In developing our programs, we utilize our background with various corporations and partners to bring something not just interesting, but also valuable to prospective overseas businesses.


If your company is looking to expand or do business in new markets, our customizable solutions may educate and drive you at the same time. A benchmark tour in Korea or Japan (or both) with upper management employees will allow you to see company operations and understand the culture from which they derive their organizational structure and decisions. Rather than just think about overseas markets, we hope you can come and test them out for yourself with us.


Business Benchmark: Korea

The Miracle on the Han River describes South Korea’s continually-emerging economy that is now 15th in the world. Due to natural and social reasons, Korea has adopted an international business strategy to fuel its developed economy. In this program, you will have the chance to expand your business knowledge to include this high-potential country.

Industry in Korea 101

Some of the best universities in the world are ... (Read More)

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