Bidangang Soop Village

Written by Michael

June 2014

Bidangang Soop Village - 1day activity review


  • Date: June 23, 2014
  • Participants: Yogi Daniel



In Youngdong, my trip started with delicious lunch which was Bboldaegi and the beautiful views of Bidangang (Bidan river) village. As I got to the village, I rode a bike to the Bidangang for few minutes to experience wood raft.

A long time ago, village folks in Bidangang village used wood raft to cross the Bidangang in order to transport goods between villages. You can experience wood raft and imagine the way of ancient use of rafts to transport goods at low fare. The water was very clear and rowing raft was fun. I definitely want to go back for this to enjoy my summer vacation with my family and friends. 

After this, I got off from the raft and tried to catch marsh snails. Bidangang is popular for marsh snails’ habitat because the snails only live in the cleanest water! I wore goggles to catch the snails in the river. It was my first time doing it and was interesting to see under the river very clearly. After the activity, I released the snails, and by doing it, it reminded me of the importance of environmental preservation. I want to go back someday to catch more marsh snails. 

Also, I could tour the village by riding bike and watched many pretty sights of mountains, river and farm. I wish the weather was clean that time because I heard that you can clearly see the opposite side of the river when it is sunny. Even though the weather was cloudy after raining, it was very exciting and I hope I can go back to the village someday in the future.

Village folks were so nice and welcomed, and I highly recommend this village to foreign visitors in Korea. 


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