Our Concept

With already several years’ experience in international education, MuviK created Inspired Steps with the intention of engaging those interested in experiencing life in Japan and South Korea. This educational and cultural platform focuses on helping both students and adults access these two nations from a local’s perspective. With more and more interest in East Asian internships, Asian language study and study abroad in this region Inspired Steps strives to provide a broad range of services in the most accessible way possible.

Inspired Steps made its debut online in 2012 with cultural immersion programs in Japan and South Korea.

Students and adults will venture through these East Asian countries and get a unique chance to understand them through exciting cultural programs and engaging educational curriculums. While on your journey through these fascinating countries, you will get a detailed look into the reasons behind Japan and South Korea’s recent dynamic development and the culture and history that lie behind these two powerful countries.

Also at Inspired Steps, more than anything we hope that we can provide our guests with a more intimate experience. We've been on tours ourselves and seen them, yet we want to offer something more local, distinct, and cultural.