5 Things You Will Get from Studying Abroad

Written by Fairuz

July 2015

(courtesy: http://wp.streetwise.co)

1. Experiences

Studying abroad means you live far away from your home, from your culture, from your habituation. When you study abroad, you will be facing a lot of new, different things. Be it new culture, new people, new customs---they will teach you a lot of things and give you a lifelong-experience. 

When you study abroad, you also get the chance to experience a different education system. You will discover a different outlook of the things you have learned before in your home and get an insight of what you will be studying further.

2. Friends

One of the reasons on why people decide to study abroad is to make a lot of new friends. When you study abroad, you will meet new people from all over the word. They will introduce you to their culture, their language, and their life experiences, thus it will broaden your horizon.

When you encounter someone who also studies abroad, there's a high possibility for it to become a lifetime friendship. You will share the information you know about the country and vice versa. Finally, you will explore the country together and boom, the friendship is blooming!

3. Independence

Studying and living in a foreign country would definitely improve your independence. When you are living abroad, you will also learn not to depend on others anymore—in every way. You will learn how to manage your time, your money, and your belongings—all by yourself. You will also learn how to cook your meal, clean your room, clean your bathroom, and/or even wash your own clothes.

4. Personal Development

Living abroad could also be a way to develop yourself.

Take Japan for example. When you are studying in Japan, you will also be studying their culture and customs. It is well-known that Japanese people really value time, so when you are accustomed to their way of living, you will also get accustomed to their custom of valuing the time. This will affect your self-development.

5. Career

Having an experience of studying abroad would be one of plus points every company would consider in their job-applicants. Being someone who has experienced living abroad would give them the impression of you being a brave, smart, and independent person. Thus, they would be interested in hiring you!

All in all, studying abroad would benefit you a lot—not only at the moment, but also in the future.

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