Breakdance Korea: R16 Part II

Written by Chris

July 2014Entertainment

See Part 1 of this article here to learn the basics of breakdancing, the movements, and how it spread to South Korea:

“Year Zero of Korean breaking” was 1997, and only a few years later, the government backed the trend, promoting it alongside Korean culture. One such event is R-16 Korea – a government-sponsored breaking competition with participants from all over the world. This event features regional elimination rounds with the final tournament ... (Read More)

Yonsei University: Heaven in the middle of Seoul

Written by Yen Ly

July 2014Travel

In its 2014 World Reputation Rankings, the British publication Times Higher Education (THE) rated Yonsei as one of the top ninety universities in the world. By reputation, then, Yonsei is the top private university in Asia and one of the twenty best private institution worldwide. Overall, the top three universities in THE’s reputation rankings were Harvard, MIT and Stanford, followed by Cambridge and Oxford.

According to QS Top Universities, Yonsei University is a center of learning based ... (Read More)

Back to nature: The hidden beauty of Ulleung Island

Written by Yen Ly

July 2014Travel

Already sick of the city? Feeling exhausted from working so hard in the office during quite a long time? Just go to Ulleung Island to feel cool breeze, the deep blue of sea water and shinning sunlight embracing this land totally like a sparkling pearl in the middle of ocean.

Ulleungdo is a pentagon-shaped island located near Dokdo island of Japan. Like Jeju-do, Ulleung-do came into being from a lot of volcanic eruptions. Its highest peak’s name ... (Read More)

Breakdance Korea: R16

Written by Chris

June 2014Entertainment

Breakdancing (or b-boying) is a style of street dance originating in NYC in the early 1970s. Due to media, the dancing style rapidly spread worldwide – including to Japan and South Korea.

Danced to breakbeats, hip-hop, or funk music, it typically consists of four movements called toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. Toprock is a string of steps in which the breaker is in standing position. Downrock describes movement ... (Read More)

Recomposed: Korean Music for Orchestra

Written by Chris

June 2014Entertainment

Korean traditional music is quite dynamic and provides a wonderful peek at classic Korean culture. Some of the most famous include Pansori (판소리), musical storytelling through use of a drummer and vocalist, and Samulori (사물노리), traditional percussion music including a small gong, large gong, hourglass-shaped drum (played on both sides), and a bass drum.


Some less common genres include Sinawi, Buddhist Dance, Sanjo, and Bukcheong Lion Dance:

Sinawi includes improvisational music ... (Read More)

Bidangang Soop Village

Written by Michael

June 2014Entertainment

Bidangang Soop Village - 1day activity review


Date: June 23, 2014 Participants: Yogi Daniel



In Youngdong, my trip started with delicious lunch which was Bboldaegi and the beautiful views of Bidangang (Bidan river) village. As I got to the village, I rode a bike to the Bidangang for few minutes to experience wood raft.

A long time ago, village folks in ... (Read More)

Oeam Village Experience Review

Written by Michael

June 2014Entertainment

Oeam Village - 1day activity review


Date: June 15, 2014 Participants: Dianna Alexander-Oates, Courtney Bogus (United States)


With the Inspired Steps Village Experience program, I and a fellow university student were able to go to Oeam Folk Village in Asan. The instructions for how to get to the village were very clear, and we were able to travel by bus from Seoul to Asan, and then by taxi from the Asan Bus Terminal to the Folk Village, without any mishaps. 

The first ... (Read More)

Sesim Village Experience Review

Written by Michael

June 2014Entertainment

Sesim Village - 2day activity review


Date: June 14th, 2014 - June 15th, 2014 Participants: Silvia Zordan (Italia), Cscilia Tregelles (United States)


Sesimmaeul is a wonderful destination for a weekend in a green environment. Moreover the location allows you to discover the regional culture and tradition of one of the three historical dynasties of Korea.

If you like sports, archery *활쏘기 is enjoyable time for everyone to get a little bit of competition and have fun.  Sesimmaeul ... (Read More)

Seogyeongdeul Village Experience Review

Written by Michael

June 2014Entertainment

Seogyeongdeul Village - 1 day activitiy review


Date: June 6th, 2014 Participants: Andrea Kantor, Michael Kantor (United States)

Recently, thanks to Inspired Steps, I was able to do the Seogyeongdeul Village Experience program with my husband. It felt less like a tour program and more like going on a trip with family. For one, it was quite small, and we were the only foreigners. However, the hospitality of Mr. Song and the other families was very welcoming. Because of the holiday traffic, our bus ... (Read More)

Village Experience Recruiting Participants (All Booked)

Written by Sam

May 2014Entertainment

Experience the rural side of Korea by enjoying these village programs with a special event that lets you travel to different traditional spots of Korea for free.

Recruitment deadline: June 5th

Seogyeongdeul Village - 1 day activitiy - June 6th (booked)
Departure: 8:30 / Return: 16:40
For 2 People

Oeam Korean Traditional Village - 1 day activity - June 14th / 15th (booked)
Departure: 8:20 / Return: 17:10
For 2 People

Samjinae Village - 2 day activity - June 13th-14th / 14th -15th (booked)
Departure: 12:50
Return: 17:30
For 2 People

Kyongju Oksan Sesim Village - 2 ... (Read More)

Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival

Written by Chris

May 2014Entertainment

Uijeongbu is a satellite city north of Seoul with a strong military presence. It is also famous for budaejjigae (literally “army base stew”) to the point that there is an Uijeongbu Budaejjigae Street, a street with many buddaejjigae restaurants.

Also in this city of culture and arts is the Uijeongbu International Music Theatre Festival. This May was the 13th consecutive festival. It showcased outdoor performances, newly-released musicals, and new works ... (Read More)

Seoul Forest

Written by Sam

May 2014Travel

Seoul Forest is a massive park dotted with over 400,000 trees and 100 different animals. Seoul Forest was established to satisfy people’s desire to have more green space and recreational places in Seoul. Historically, the forest was a hunting ground for the royal family and it has undergone a variety of changes on the grounds of Ttukseom (Ttuk Island).

Stretching over 1.16 million m² of land, Seoul Forest consists of five parks: a Cultural Art Park, an ... (Read More)

Green Tea, what a passion!

Written by Silvia

April 2014Travel

In May many Tea festivals are handled in Korea. The most famous are Boseong Green Tea Festival and Hadong Wild Tea Cultural Festival. Two occasions events aim to let people know about Korea’s tea culture. Between May 2 and 6, just for 어린이날 vacation period, you can join the Boseong Green Tea Festival. Absorbed in the largest green tea producing area in Korea, you can manage programs for learning how to pick green tea leaves and brewing ... (Read More)

Klive, a new way to experience K-Pop

Written by Chris

April 2014Entertainment

K-pop - you know what it is. It’s South Korean pop music, such as dance-pop, pop ballad, electronic, rock, hip-hop, R&B, among other more-specific genres. Modern K-pop began in the early 1990s with a unique music style (and integration of foreign musical instruments) made popular by Seo Taiji & Boys. Through SNS and other sites (like YouTube) K-pop spread alongside Korean dramas, starting with Japan. K-pop hit a high ... (Read More)

Banpo Rainbow Fountain

Written by Eric

April 2014Travel

Built in 1982, Banpo Bridge connects the Seocho and Yongsan districts in Seoul. However, it is not just one of the regular 27 bridges that cross the Han River in Seoul National Capital Area. Banpo Bridge is known worldwide for being the longest bridge fountain, with nearly 10,000 LED nozzles that run along both sides.

At night, visitors can enjoy the amazing display of water and light, known as Moonlight Rainbow Fountain’, ... (Read More)

The Busan Lotus Lantern Festival

Written by Emily

April 2014Travel


The Busan Lotus Lantern Festival is an annual tradition that provides visitors with an opportunity to celebrate Buddha's birthday through the many activities organized at Korea’s second largest city. Thousands of brightly colored lanterns are strung up all across Busan, symbolizing the celebration of Buddha’s birth, many in the shape of lotus flowers, one of Buddhism’s recognized motifs.

 From April 18th to April 27th, visitors can enjoy the splendid lotus lanterns in different shapes and sizes will on display. Visitors will ... (Read More)

Jirisan National Park

Written by Sarah

April 2014Travel

Designated as the first national park in 1967, Jirisan spreads across three southern provinces in Korea. The name of Jirisan means “the mountain of the odd and wise people” and since ancient times it has been known as one of the three legendary mountains in Korea, together with Hallasan and Geumgangsan.

Jirisan offers plenty of trails for both beginners and avid hikers. Some of the most popular trails include the Cheoneunsa Temple-Seongsamjae course and the Guryong Valley course.

Jinhae cherry blossom festival

Written by Sam

March 2014Travel

Jinhae is a district in Changwon City, less than 1 hour away from Busan, famous worldwide for its cherry blossom festival that began in 1952 honoring Korea’s naval hero Admiral Yi Sun-shin.More than 2 million visitors enjoy its spectacular floral display from late March to early April.

The most picturesque spots are located in the 1.5km boardwalk alongside the Yeojwacheon Stream and the 800 meter long Gyeonghwa railway track that is flanked by a continuous row of cherry blossoms on ... (Read More)

Noryangjin Fish Market

Written by David

March 2014Travel

Noryangjin Fish Market is the largest fish market in Seoul. Customers browse for fresh seafood and usually they enjoy them at the many restaurants located in the market.

Covering over 66,000 square meters, the 700 small shops offer over 830 seafood items for wholesale or retail purchase, including clams, shrimp, blue crabs, octopuses, sea cucumbers, hailbuts and snappers

According to recent polls, visiting the market is ranked as the favorite activity by foreigners that ... (Read More)

Petite France

Written by Emily

March 2014Entertainment

Petite France is a French cultural village located in Gapyeong, one hour away from Seoul, that consists of 16 French-style buildings where visitors can lodge and experience French food, fashion, and household culture. 

The village contains a Little Prince theme park dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of the famous French novel Le Petit Prince, and souvenir shops and other galleries with a Mediterranean type of construction that will make you feel you are in France.

The village can accommodate ... (Read More)

Japanese Convenient Stores : コンビ二

Written by Jennifer

March 2014Travel

Convenience stores in Japan are known as コンビ二(konbini). There are over 40,000 of them across Japan and the major operators are Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart. Although the names might sound familiar to many, Japan konbini provide a wide range of differentiated products and services compared to those overseas.

Japanese convenience stores stand out for the high-quality food. They are especially known for their quick, ready-made food that are mostly made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. ... (Read More)